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InterDataNet Keystones

InterDataNet wants to innovate the Web of Documents introducing granular addressability of data and offering a uniform Web-based interface to distributed heterogeneous data management.

InterDataNet Keystones

  • InterDataNet handles data (contents) and not Data (concepts).
  • It focuses on using/manipulating data instead of exploring/browsing.
  • It relies on a uniform Web-based read-write approach.
  • It enriches data with cooperation-oriented properties such as licensing, provenance, consistency, security, privacy, availability and history.

Several evolutionary paths towards a future Web are being explored simultaneously to achieve a better Web. The Web of Data, aka the Semantic Web done right, uses semantic representations to make computers understand concepts. The revolutionary capabilities offered by the (Semantic) Web of Data will improve the existing Web functionality. But how far is it from here to “the next Web”?
The InterDataNet (IDN) teams works on a leap transition in the Web’s evolutionary path: enable machine to cooperate around data contained in documents, so as to allow humans to cooperate around documents. IDN targets the chasm between the current Web of Documents - intended for human use - and the envisioned Web of Data - intended for machine consumption to extend the finding and exploring capabilities of the Web of Data to provide the infrastructure technology for a uniform Web-based read-write approach to data use/manipulation allowing reuse of data contained in documents for easier human cooperation on a global scale. InterDataNet revolution is grounded on its evolution.

IDN Overview
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