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InterDataNet activities are organised into research themes. Currently, we focus on the following topics:

Read-Write Web of data Data Interoperability Infrastructure In the domain of Web-wide data interoperability, we focus on the design and development of a layered [[wikipedia:middleware|middleware] architecture providing global addressability of resources as well as basic collaborative oriented services for distributed and heterogeneous data management. This infrastructure aims at providing an uniform Web-based read-write approach to the Web of Data.
Cooperation-enabling Information Modelling The data interoperability infrastructure handles documents compliant with a generic information model designed to account for cooperation enabling features such as licensing, provenance, consistency, security, privacy, availability, and history.
Cooperation-enabling Naming System The Web of Data grounds on four principles, the first of which is related to names. It asserts that "We use URIs to name things; not only documents, but also people, locations, concepts, etc." In this theme we focus on designing and implementing a three-layers Naming System preserving the compliancy with the principle above, while providing cooperation-enabling features.
InterDataNet and the Web of Data Distributed, granular data management at a Web-wide level must deal with the Web of Data and the Linked Data world. In this topic we study commonalities and differences between InterDataNet and the Web of Data towards the common vision of a Read-write cooperative Web of Data vision
InterDataNet Applications In this topic we study the possible applications to be built on top of the InterDataNet infrastructure (from data reuse in generic mashup applications; workflow management system in e-Government administrative processes; storage system allowing interoperability between legacy systems; IDN-compliant distributed and versioned file system; etc.)
e-Government This theme covers one of the principal domains of application of a cooperation-enabling Web of interoperable and interlinked data.
Internet of Things This theme seeks to verify the applicability of the InterDataNet approach for the needs of streamed interlinked data management at a Web-wide level.
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